Zili Sloboda, Sc.D.

Applied Prevention Science, Inc. USA

Zili Sloboda, Sc.D., President, Applied Prevention Science, Inc. was trained in medical sociology at New York University and in mental health and epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.  The majority of her research has been related to the delivery of health-related services to youth and adults and epidemiology. She is an expert on the prevention of psychoactive substance use by adolescents and has broad experience in research related to at-risk youth. She has been a member of the faculty at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, The University of Illinois School of Public Health and Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, and The University of Akron where she was the Principal Investigator of a multi-site randomized control trial of an innovative school-based substance use prevention program. For twelve years she worked at the National Institute on Drug Abuse in several capacities, finally as the Director of the Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research. This Division’s focus was on the development and support of national research programs in HIV/AIDS epidemiology and prevention and drug abuse epidemiology and prevention and at the time had the responsibility for several large national epidemiologic and treatment data systems. She was a founder of the Society for Prevention Research in the U.S. and assisted in the founding of the EU Society for Prevention Research. She is well-published in the area of substance use epidemiology and prevention.  Her two major books include the Handbook of Drug Abuse Prevention and the Epidemiology of Drug Abuse. She is currently coordinating a book series on Advances in Prevention Science. The first book in the series, Defining Prevention Science, was released by Springer Press in 2014. The second book, Prevention Science in School Settings edited by Dr. Kris Bosworth was released in 2016, and a third, Preventing Crime and Violence, edited by Drs. Brent Teasdale and Mindy Bradley, was released in 2017. The last book in the series, Prevention of Substance Use is scheduled for publication in late 2018.  In addition, she has a long standing commitment to the dissemination of evidence-based programming and the advancement of Translation I and II research through work with SPR and with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the International Standards for Drug Use Prevention.  Currently she is coordinating the development of the Universal Prevention Curricula to build the capacity of the prevention workforce to integrate evidence-based prevention interventions and policies into their work, to deliver prevention interventions with fidelity, and to sustain effective prevention services and practices overtime.


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