Salvatore Di Somma


Graduate in Medicine “cum laude” (University of Naples), 1978.
Post Graduate “cum Laude” in Internal Medicine (University of Naples), 1983.
Post Graduate “cum Laude” in Cardiology (University of Naples), 1987.
Salvatore Di Somma is Professor of Internal Medicine, Cardiologist and Internist at Faculty of Medicine and Psicology, Department of Medical and Surgery Sciences and Translational Medicine ,at University “La Sapienza” Rome .Italy and Director Emergency Medicine and postgraduate School of Emergency Medicine ,Faculty of Medicine and Psicology, University “La Sapienza” Rome since 2001; Director of Emergency Medicine at Sant’Andrea Hospital from 2001 .
Previously he had University formation and positions at Clinical and Experimental Medicine Department at Medical School of ’University “Federico II” in Naples from 1978 and was Professor Assistant at the Cardiovascular Research Institute at New York Medical College from 1994 to 1996.
Prof Di Somma has clinical experience in Cardiology, Internal and Emergency Medicine
at Policlinico Federico II Faculty of Medicine at University of Naples from 1978 to 2000 and as Director of
Emergency Medicine Department Sant’Andrea Hospital La Sapienza University of Rome since 2001.
He also is the Past President of GREAT Global Research on Acute Conditions Team and actual President of GREAT Global Research on Acute Conditions Team Italy , the Academic Research and Educational Organization ,gathering experts operating in the management of acute clinical conditions in the field of Emergency Medicine and Cardiology in 78 countries Worldwide.
Prof Salvatore Di Somma is also the Official Coordinator at the “Sapienza “University Rome for International Cooperation in teaching and research programmes with many prestigious Universities worldwide including UCSD San Diego (USA)where he actually is visiting professor cooperating in research in the field of biomarkers in Emergency medicine and Aging and Longevity.He also is Expert Professor in Medicine and Cardiovascular Prevention at Lund University Malmoe (Sweden) and Ministry of Health World Class Professor Programme at Brawijaya University Malang(Indonesia)
Author of more than 300 Papers/books in the field of Cardiology,Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine and member of International Journal Editorial Boards
More than 400 presentations, invited lectures and chairs at major international Congresses in the fields of Hypertension, Cardiology, Intensive Care ,Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.
Salvatore is also considered a worldwide expert in Utility of Biomarkers and New Technology innovations in Acute Diseases .Moreover He is the Chairman of Scientific commetee of the Italian Association of patients with Heart failure(AISC).

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