Rabih El Chammay, MD

Saint Joseph University Lebanon

Dr. Rabih El Chammay is a psychiatrist and currently the head of the National Mental Health Programme at the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon. After founding the programme, he led the development of the first National Mental Health and Substance Use Strategy 2015-2020 aiming at reforming the Mental Health System in Lebanon towards community-based mental health services inline with Human rights and latest evidence that is currently under implementation.

He is a member of the Department of Psychiatry at the faculty of Medicine at Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

He has   special interest in Public mental health and more specifically in Refugee mental health and health system strengthening. He has been working on these topics in the MENA region as well as on the international level with various agencies such as WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, IMC and many other NGOs for the last 10 years.”

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