Michael Khoury, MD, MA

American University of Beirut Lebanon

Psychotherapist in private practice, counselor and psychosocial support person at AUB (American University of Beirut) and at BALSAM (Lebanese Palliative Care NGO)
Michael Khoury has his academic background in Biology, Medicine (at the American University of Beirut), and psychosocial animation in war-torn societies (at the Lebanese University and with the IOM); and has received training and clinical supervision in four different schools of psychotherapy: CBT, Family and couples systemic, psychoanalytic, and IPT. Since 14 years, he has been extensively involved in providing clinical support to individuals, couples, and families, teaching interpersonal communication skills and social and preventive medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences at AUB, co-authoring book chapters on Arab mental health and social exclusion and inclusion in the Arab world, providing support for the palliative care professional team of BALSAM and their patients and their loved ones (including end-of-life issues, complicated grief, and dignity therapy), counseling scholarship students as part of the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program, and working as a consultant with different local and international NGOs in Lebanon and the region to provide basic trainings on mental health to health care workers.

My Sessions