Marwan Abouljoud


Marwan Abouljoud, MD, FACS, MMM, CPE

Dr. Marwan Abouljoud is the Director of the Transplant Institute and Hepatobiliary Surgery and is the Benson Ford Chair in Transplantation at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.
Dr. Abouljoud has been with HFMG as senior staff since 1994. He is the recipient of the HFMG Dr. Fred Whitehouse Distinguished Career Award. From 2013-2015 he served as Chief Medical Officer for the Henry Ford Medical Group (HFMG). He also served as Founding Chair of the Medical Staff Quality Committee. He is past Chair of the Board of Governors for the HFMG. Dr. Abouljoud cofounded the Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) in addition to creating several other physician development programs. Dr. Abouljoud is Professor of Surgery at Wayne State University.
Dr. Abouljoud serves as a Director on the American Board of Surgery and is Chair of the Diplomates Committee. He serves as society representative for the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS).
Dr. Abouljoud was Dr. Abouljoud is past at-large member of the ASTS Council, the Inaugural Chair of the Business Practice Committee of the ASTS. Currently he is Chair of the Transplant Accreditation & Certification Council for ASTS.
Dr. Abouljoud is past president of Gift of Life and was also elected to the UNOS Board of Directors and was Councilor for UNOS Region 10, member of the MPSC and vice-chair of its Operations committee. Additionally, Dr. Abouljoud led the Joint Society Workgroup facilitating UNOS policy deployment.
He is past President of the Surgical Alumni Association for the American University of Beirut. Areas of interest include liver cancer, living donor liver transplantation, resilience, mindful practices, and leadership development.

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