Mario Zanaty


Dr. Zanaty was born and raised in Lebanon. He earned his MD degree from Saint Joseph University. He did one year of research at Thomas Jefferson University hospital and one year of preclinical fellowship and research at University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics prior to starting his residency in University of Iowa. Dr. Zanaty’ s interest resides in mapping the cognitive and computational capabilities of the brain, and how cerebrovascular disease affect cognition and hypertension (and vice-versa). Dr. Zanaty is part of a team who developed a score that predicts safety and efficacy of revascularization of a chronically occluded carotid artery, and where the first to show that cognition in this population is inversely correlated with pre and postop penumbra. Finally, Dr. Zanaty was part of team that was first to show how new imaging techniques can detect cerebral microbleeds (leaking from the aneurysm) and thus diagnose unstable aneurysms. Dr. Zanaty has currently over 50 peer reviewed publications and serves as a reviewer on 3 PubMed-indexed peer reviewed medical journals.

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