Faysal El-Kak, M.D. M.S. ARCOG

American University of Beirut Lebanon

Dr. Faysal El Kak is a senior lecturer of Health Behavior and Sexuality and Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He is also a clinical associate of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Female Sexual Dysfunctions. He is involved in clinical services of obstetrics gynecology and sexual health, as well as Co-PI of the research project “Youth sexual and reproductive health” at Faculty of Health Sciences, AUB. Dr El Kak has many publications, book chapters, and books related to sexual, reproductive, and maternal health. Dr El Kak continues to work on research and services to promote sexual and reproductive health to women and youth.

Positions and Employment

 2013 – Clinical Associate, Women’s Health Center, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, American University of Beirut Medical Center

1997 – Senior Lecturer of health behavior and of human sexuality, Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), AUB

1997 – ObGyn and Women’s Health clinical consultant

Selected Professional Affiliations

  • Co-PI of the “Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health” Project at FHS/ AUB
  • Founder of the “Network of Arab Scholars on Sexuality/ Sexual health (NASSS)” at FHS/ AUB
  • President of the Federation of Arab Gynecology Obstetrics Society (FAGOS)
  • Co-coordinator of the “National Committee on Safe Motherhood” at Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon
  • Member of the Executive Board of the Federation International of GynObs (FIGO)
  • Member of Outreach committee of the International Society for the Study of Women Sexuality and Sexual health (ISSWSH)
  • Member of the committee of Experts on Child, Maternal, and Reproductive Health for the Organization of Islamic Countries
  • Associate of the RCOG
  • RCOG Associate Champion for Lebanon
  • Member of the International Menopause Society
  • Past president of Lebanese Society of ObGyn


Editorial Boards and Reviewer Assignments

  • LGBT Journal. Middle East Fertility Society Journal, East Mediterranean Journal
  1. Contribution to Science

        Contributed to the meeting of MDG5 guidelines for Lebanon through working as co-coordinator of National Committee on Safe Motherhood, and documenting the experience in 2 books published by UNFPA, Lebanon, 2016:

 “Reducing Maternal Health in Lebanon: A story of Success”

“Standard Delivery Guidelines in Maternal and Reproductive Health” for clinical practice

Kabakian- Kasholian T, Shayboub R, Kanaan M, Mahfoud Z, El Kak F. (2015). Promoting women’s participation in maternity care in Lebanon.  International Journal of Childbirth, Volume 5, Number 3,66-176(11)

Kabakian-Khasholian TShayboub REl-Kak F. Seeking maternal care at times of conflict: the case of Lebanon. Health Care Women Int. 2013;34(5):352-62.

Also contributed to the understanding of sexual behavior of youth within restrictive sociocultural context through developing an undergradute course on “Human Sexuality” and through the Ford Foundation funded research project on “Youth Sexual and Reproductive health”, FHS, AUB, and other related research:

Faysal El Kak, Noura El Salibi, Rola Yasmine, Lilian Ghandour (2017). Hymen protection and the sexual practices, perceptions, and attitudes of female university students from Lebanon, Int J Gynecol Obstet; 1–9

Rola Yasmine, Noura El Salibi , Faysal El Kak, and Lilian Ghandour (2015). Postponing Sexual Debut among University Youth: How Do Men and Women Differ in their Perceptions, Values and Non-penetrative Sexual Practices? Cult Health Sex,. 17(5):555-75

Lilian A Ghandour, Farah Mouhanna, Rola Yasmine, and Faysal El Kak (2014). Factors associated with alcohol and/or drug use at sexual debut among sexually active university students: cross-sectional findings from Lebanon. BMC Public Health, 14:671

Lilian Ghandour, Rula Yasmin, Faysal El-Kak, (2013) Giving Consent without Getting Informed: A Cross-Cultural Issue in Research Ethics. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, Vol. 8, No. 3,

El- Kak F.H. (2013). Sexuality and Sexual Health: Constructs and Expressions in the Extended Middle East and North Africa. Vaccine 31S, G45–G50

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“HPV vaccination and uptake”, in Abortion Pills, Test Tubes, and Sex Toys, Wynn and Foster editors, Vanderbilt, 2016

Participated in research around sexual violence and published a book “Sexual Violence: Testimonies in the Dark”, 2017

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