William Slaughter, M.D., M.A.

Harvard Medical School - USA

Psychiatrist-psychologist Bill Slaughter M.D., M.A. supports optimal lifespan mental health through integrative bio-psycho-social work especially focused on population trauma prevention.  He heads a non-profit delivering clinical training and organizational development/capacity-building supports for lead MHPSS groups responsible for public health in parts of the Levant/Bilad alSham (Gaza Community Mental Health Programme and others), while presenting regionally on critical Levantine-US/cross-Abrahamic rapprochement underpinnings of holistic lifetime well-being.

Across the US, he fosters these efforts through collaborating in/presenting in numerous Muslim, Jewish and general population health/human service, academic, community, religious and governmental settings, enlisting diverse audiences into bio-psychological to socio-intercultural facets of just, collaborative violence reduction.  Bill has served the American Psychiatric Association as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) 5 collaborating investigator, and national conference presentation convener; other Greater Boston Muslim Health Initiative colleagues and he delivered community support interventions at area mosques immediately after the Boston marathon bombing (2013).

He holds medical school affiliation since 2003 at Harvard, teaching, and collaborating especially on Arab-Muslim/US social sensitivity-acceptance/inclusion/disparities-resolution curriculum and initiatives.  In addition, he has had various contributing roles and/or presented at the Center for Government and International Studies, Center for Middle East Studies, Meditation and Psychotherapy conference, School of Public Health (e.g. Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative: “Gaza 2010: Assessing Human Security Needs in the Gaza Strip”; metro area violence reduction evaluation, etc.), and University Health Services.  He’s served twice as Harvard Arab Weekend Avincenna Healthcare and Science Networking Reception Featured Guest (2015-16).

Individual-to-population care and public systems leadership/administration responsibilities over three decades undergird Bill’s contributions and perspectives, with sound diversity and integration synthesis academically.  Graduate: Buddhist psychology at Naropa U., Seattle Indian Health internship, analytical psychology at Jung Institute-Boston, finishing with psychiatry and international relations/security at Harvard.   Undergraduate:  Political science-philosophy at Reed College, Middle East studies and Arabic at Portland State University and American University in Cairo, finishing with comparative humanities and medicine at the U. of Washington.  He has published on US-Palestine-Israel, ethics, and traumatic brain injury topics, and maintains part-time clinical practice in Boston, USA.

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