Ms. Barbara Laumont

Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium

Barbara is a psychologist in the Staff health Unit of MSF; together with a team of psychologists and mental health experts, she provides expert advice and support to operations on the health of MSF staff deployed in the field, as well as guiding the development and implementation of staff health policies. Barbara has earned a Masters’ degree in psychology from Liege University in Belgium in 1994. She had since then been working in the humanitarian field and has today more than 20 years’ experience as a front liner humanitarian worker in the mental health field as well as an advisory and support role. She has started with MSF in 1997 with the implementation of field assignments in different contexts such as Rwanda, Peru, Palestine and Algeria, then worked as a mental health technical advisor in the MSF medical department in Brussels for 8 years before taking the position of psychologist for the field staff across MSF projects globally in 2015.

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