Adnan Farah, LPC, BCPC

University of Bahrain - Bahrain

• Professor Farah is the founding president for the Arab Union of Psychological Science, Board member and Regional Coordinator for the International Association of Student Affairs and Services, and the former president of the Jordanian Psychological Association (JPA).

• He is board certified by the American Psychotherapy Association and license professional counselor by the Jordanian Ministry of Health.

• He is specialized in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Obtained both his master’s in Clinical Psychology and doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from Houston – Texas, USA.

• He served in different administrative positions such as head of Mental Health Dept. at Qatar University, Head of Psychology Dept., and Vice Dean of Students Affairs at Yarmouk University – Jordan.

• Professor Farah is the founder of the International Journal of Research in Education & Psychology, and an Advisory Board member of the Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association, and editorial board member of the “Interpersona” an International online Journal on Personal Relationship.

• He published and presented more than 50 professional papers, and supervised Tens of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations.

• He is working now as the professor of Counseling Psychology and the student counselor at Bahrain Teachers College –
University of Bahrain.

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