Monique Booij, MSc-MANP

Amphia Hospital Breda Netherlands

Working in the field of MS since 2001. First as an MS nurse and since 2010 as a Nurse Practitioner in the MS-center of Amphia Hospital Breda, The Netherlands.

I have a special interest in (nursing) research and finished my degree in Master of Science of Advance Practice at the Birmingham City University UK in 2017. My research interest is focused on adherence and compliance on patients with MS in daily life, wherein mental health of patients is one of the factors of non- adherence of therapy. The research question of my Master Thesis was focused on ‘Which factors influence adherence and compliance on oral therapy on patients with MS’.

As a researcher, in the ‘MS- Delphi project’ (2014) we find out the factors that influence adherence on MS injection therapy in The Netherlands. In response to this, as a boardmember of the MS Masters Foundation, we developed the “Dutch guideline adherence to first-line injection therapy in Multiple Sclerosis” to achieve consensus on optimal MS injectable treatment management.

Also, I am a member of the education board of MS-nurses of the Netherlands and organise the International Exam for MS nurses. For many years I participated as a board member, secretary of the Multiple Sclerosis International Certification Board if the International Organisation of MS Nurses (IOMSN).

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