Workshop: Metacognitive Theory – Theory and Foundation Skills

More details about this workshop will be announced soon

Speaker: Dr. Yasmine Nassif

Overview: The workshop aims at presenting the theory behind metacognitive therapy (MCT, Wells, 1995) and looks at basic foundation skills for MCT as well as at its distinctive features.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

• Describe basic metacognitive theories and principles
• Describe the Cognitive attentional syndrome (CAS) and metacognitive beliefs (beliefs about thoughts, both positive and negative)
• Discuss the levels of changes brought by MCT
• Explore the main therapeutic techniques used in MCT
• Describe the disorder-specific formulations for Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Depression

Registration Fees: 50,000 LBP (34 USD)
Registration and payment for workshops is done separately.

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