Workshop: Mental Health in Palliative Care

Moderator: Dr. Hiba Osman

• Dignity Therapy – Dr. Micheal Khoury
• Diagnosing depression in the seriously ill – Dr. Ziad Nahhas
• Grief and bereavement – Ms. Joelle Bassila
• The experience of caregivers – Dr. Monique Chaaya

This workshop will explore mental health topics related to patients, their family members and their caregivers in the setting of serious illness.

• To initiate a dialogue about common issues related to mental health in palliative care among health care providers working in the field
• To introduce interventions and tools that providers can use to reduce the burden of suffering in patients and families with serious illness
• To raise awareness about the experience of family members and caregivers in the setting of serious illness and explore ways the health care team can support them

Target audience: Physicians and medical students, Nurses and nursing students, Social workers and students