Oral Abstract Presentations


Moderators: Dr. Farid Talih and Dr. Leyla Dirani

15:10 – 15:17 Assessing Health-Related Quality of Life and Cultural Appropriateness of International Surveys for a Population of Palestinian Refugees
Meira Mahmoud Yasin, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC,PMHNP-BC
13:17 – 13:24 MSF Mental Health Program in Iraq, Challenges and Opportunities
Andres Barkil-Oteo, MD
13:24 – 13: 31 Embrace Lifeline: Lebanon’s First National Suicide Prevention Helpline
Mia Atoui, MPH, MA
13:31 – 13:38 Evaluation of the Leadership in Mental Health Course, Eastern Mediterranean Region
Kate Ellis, PhD
13:38 – 13: 45 Alleviating Mental Health Symptoms: Community Connectedness among Transgender Women in Beirut
  Cynthia El Khoury, MPH
 13:45– 13:52 I had it coming: Female’s internalized sexism predicts acceptance of emotional abuse
Ms. Reem Mroueh
13:52 – 13: 59 Psychosocial Cognitive Behavioural Program for Children at Risk
Solfrid Raknes, PhD
13:59– 14:06 Sensitivity and specificity of an Arabic verbal memory test in distinguishing normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia
Omar Mahmoud, PhD
14:06 – 14: 13 Sexual Violence against Women in Tunisia
Majda Cheour, MD