48th MEMA: First Global Conflict Medicine Congress

May 11 -14, 2017 - American University of Beirut

Overview: The aim of this congress was to provide the attendees with an interactive platform, with world renowned health providers, who are experts in the provision of health care in conflict medicine. Towards that end; the civilian and military audience of all medical subspecialties will benefit from the experience and expertise of speakers, who have previous hands on interaction in regions of turmoil, where the battle fields may be devoid of military hospitals and tertiary centers. This particular annual scientific meeting was designed for local, regional and international audience of civilian and military background. Thus; this congress is not limited to physicians but include:

1)  Medical subspecialties like Oncology and Nephrology.

2)  Chemical warfare, ethical, moral issues of refugees, ecology of war and the importance of nursing care interventions.

3)   Emergency medicine and surgical care in the field with lessons learned in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

4)   War surgery; its science and the resulting innovations in decreasing morbidity and mortality of patients.

5)   Microbiology targeted to resistant bacterial organisms resulting from the haphazardic use of therapeutic agents.

6)   Dermatology sessions dealing with torture and its patterns. Explosion of parasitic infections in migrants.

7)   Surgical reconstruction in the field with limited resources.

8)   Women health issues inclusive of violence whether physical, psychological or sexual.

9)   Mental and psychological injuries of conflicts and their management.

10) Future involvement of medical students in conflicts.

11) Physical rehabilitation particular to the subject.

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